256 How to Secure Your Dream Job During a Pandemic - Isi Aladejobi, Salary Growth & Career Strategist and Founder of Powerful Women Make Power Moves

More Money Podcast

Dec 9 2020 • 47 mins

Is it a smart move to think about asking for a raise, switching employers (or careers), or searching for your dream job during a pandemic? Well…why not? Employers are still recruiting, so why can’t you be the one recruited?

That’s why I’ve got career growth strategist Isi Aladejobi on the show to share her expertise on how to navigate the career landscape during these still uncertain times. Through her Power Women Make Power Moves program, which is a community of over 10,000 Black women, she been able to help countless people win in their careers and lives, even during the pandemic. She believes that with the right tools, mindset, and strategies, women can 100% successfully achieve their purpose, find the right career (that pays their true value), level the playing field, and of course, smash that damn glass ceiling already.

Career growth is always one of the most popular topics on this podcast, so I know you’re gonna love this episode! Isi is so inspirational, she’ll make anyone feel like they can make some power moves no matter what’s going on in the world.

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