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4: "Sell" is not a 4-letter word
May 20 2023
4: "Sell" is not a 4-letter word
Coach, if you have trouble selling, here's some loving advice from Coach Mary: Get over it! Having a great coaching business is about keeping things simple. Create, share, and invite people to take the next step with you. I don't know what it is about the coaching industry, but too many coaches are scared to sell. There is nothing wrong with selling your amazing coaching experiences. Listen for some simple encouragement today. The coaching profession changed my life completely, as a client and then as a coach. I'm dedicated to making your coaching business a success and am doing all I can to create a space that encourages impact, income, learning, action and community. Thank you for your love and support.Thank you being part of this conversation with me. Let's get real about being a coach (because I'm tired of all the hype). If you received value from this episode and would like to show your appreciation, the best way would be through any of the following: • Subscribe to this podcast and leave a rating and a review • Subscribe to my YouTube Channel @maryschiller • Visit my website for a free gift and receive helpful business tips & special offers via email ( • Hang out with me on Instagram @maryschiller • Listen to my talks on Insight Timer • Tell your friends about this podcast and why you believe it would be helpful to them • Join the $5K Coach Club (info at - Read and review Mary's books on Amazon