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Sally Prosser Interview: How To Speak Up For Your Business As An Online Course Creator
Aug 21 2023
Sally Prosser Interview: How To Speak Up For Your Business As An Online Course Creator
#056: Ever wondered how the power of your voice can amplify your business? Wonder no more! Join me as I interview Sally Prosser, an acclaimed voice and public speaking coach, who opens up about her passion for speaking, the profound impact it has had on her business, and how you can leverage your voice to make a real difference. In this episode, you will learn: 3 tips to start sharing your voice more onlineHow to reframe your relationship with social media so you can use it grow your business A unique strategy for moving past the fear of judgement The ways that Sally has learnt to deal with haters online, and how you can move past the fear of getting hatersHow to show up consistently online, even when you don't feel like it Enjoy the episode. About Sally ProsserSally Prosser is a voice and public speaking coach. Over the past 20 years she's helped hundreds of professionals speak with more confidence, had a career as a TV reporter and built a community of more than 300 thousand on TikTok.She's a TEDx Speaker Coach, an expert on using a hairbrush as a microphone and in 2020 was named Young Entrepreneur of the Year for PR and Media in Queensland.Sally is your one-stop-shop for everything speaking. From gaining the confidence to put yourself out there…to producing a strong voice…to crafting speeches for the stage…and designing strategy to get your spoken message heard. And with a strong belief that our voice is the organ of our soul, she's all about finding your unique voice and speaking from the heart!To discover more about Sally and how she can help you speak up for your business:Follow Sally on InstagramCheck out her websiteEnjoy the episode!