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The FinOps Guys - Stephen Old and Frank Contrepois

Stephen Old and Frank Contrepois get together to discuss what's new in the world of cloud when it comes to FinOps.  There are two monthly episodes, one where we'll discuss the top stories we've found from this month and a second episode where we bring in a friend of the show to talk to us about a topic of their choosing.

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WNiCF - Interview with Steve Trask - The State of FinOps
Apr 11 2024
WNiCF - Interview with Steve Trask - The State of FinOps
In this episode, Steve Trask, VP of Marketing at the FinOps Foundation, discusses the State of FinOps report and the insights gained from four years of research. They explore topics such as team structure, automation, executive buy-in, and the evolving priorities of FinOps practitioners. They also touch on the challenges of measuring the value of the FinOps team and the growing importance of sustainability in cloud operations. The conversation highlights the need for focus and prioritization in FinOps practices and the impact of economic factors on cloud optimization. The conversation explores the challenges of budget allocation and accountability in large organizations, particularly in the context of cloud spending. It highlights the difficulty of breaking down budgets and creating visibility at the team level. The speakers discuss the gap between accountability and responsibility for spend and the struggle to implement changes as organizations scale. They also touch on the importance of cultural change and the need for champions within the organization to drive FinOps practices. The conversation concludes with a discussion of upcoming events and the global adoption of FinOps.KeywordsFinOps, State of FinOps, team structure, automation, executive buy-in, priorities, sustainability, focus, economic factors, cloud optimization, budget allocation, accountability, cloud spending, team level breakdowns, cultural change, champions, upcoming events, global adoptionAI generated.