Stimulating Stuff

Rich Vogel

Dive deep into the marvels of business, neuroscience, psychology, society, and culture with "Stimulating Stuff," the educational podcast that ventures beyond the ordinary. Hosted by Rich Vogel, a seasoned expert in neuromonitoring with a passion for unraveling the complexities of the human mind and behavior, this podcast is your gateway to exploring unseen angles of everyday topics. Originally conceived to bridge connections within the niche field of intraoperative neuromonitoring, "Stimulating Stuff" has broadened its horizons, inviting curious minds everywhere to join in on conversations that matter. From the intricacies of organizational culture, the art of negotiation, and the power of persuasion, to mastering the crafts of writing, editing, and public speaking, every episode promises a journey into knowledge that captivates and educates. Listeners can look forward to engaging stories, expert interviews, and actionable insights that not only enlighten but empower. Whether you're leading a team, navigating a career transition, or simply hungry for knowledge that stimulates, there's something here for you. Subscribe now and step into a world where learning and inspiration collide. Visit to learn more. read less