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Forum tells remarkable and true stories about who we are and where we live. In the first hour, Alexis Madrigal convenes the diverse voices of the Bay Area, before turning to Mina Kim for the second hour to chronicle and center Californians’ experience. In an increasingly divided world, Mina and Alexis host conversations that inform, challenge and unify listeners with big ideas and different viewpoints. Want to call/submit your comments during our live Forum program Mon-Fri, 9am-11am? We'd love to hear from you! Please dial 866.SF.FORUM or (866) 733-6786 or email forum@kqed.org, tweet, or post on Facebook. read less

Our Editor's Take

KQED's Forum podcast delivers informative conversations about issues impacting California and beyond. KQED is a community-driven radio station that serves Northern California with engaging content. This NPR podcast is a daily talk show featuring listener content and expert guests. Topics vary from trending diets to California's labor market. The show brings together different viewpoints and helps people make informed decisions.

The hosts of KQED's Forum are Mina Kim and Alexis Madrigal. Mina has worked as an award-winning reporter and news anchor. Her cohost Alexis is a writer and scholar at UC Berkeley. He's fascinated by the racial history of the Bay Area and how Oakland has transformed over the years. Mina and Alexis focus on bringing clarity and knowledge to their listeners.

One episode discusses the controversial topic of the "Book Banning Movement." When one governor tasked schools with banning specific books, not everyone agreed. The books taught students stories about people of color and LGBTQIA+ rights. In the episode, authors and educators discuss this movement's impact. Plus, listeners reveal the books that inspired them most growing up.

Another episode talks about the uncertain future of the world's water. A book by scientist Peter Gleick examines humans' relationship with water. What connection does this have with climate change? What can people do to improve this relationship and the planet?

It's not all serious content on this podcast. The episode "All You Can Eat" explores how to make the best picnic. A food editor and chef join to share their mouth-watering ideas and recommendations. They also discuss the beauty of seeing multi-generational immigrant communities picnicking together. In the Bay Area, food influences combine, transforming the picnic concept.

KQED's Forum is an informative podcast driven by the Californian community. It asks questions, such as why is summer camp considered a "hot mess for parents?" How are teen girls starting revolutions? Does it matter if there is life outside of Earth? One episode commemorates the 80th anniversary of the Zoot Suit Riots. Each episode brings new topics and fresh perspectives. New episodes debut on a periodic basis.

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