Science Fiction Remnant

Robert, Giancarlo & Ray

A podcast for sci-fi lovers that span across books, movies, Tv-Shows, or games. We may discuss wild theories about some science fiction topics. SPOILERS may be included, so be sure to watch, listen, or read before listening. To record a voice message on this episode or future episodes, please go to and click on the message button. Music provided by miggztheatlas A Member of the Blind Knowledge Network https://www.blindknowledge. Discord: Universal link: Support this podcast: read less

Our Editor's Take

Science Fiction Remnant is a podcast that allows listeners to share and talk about their love of all things science fiction. Sci-fi is one of the most popular entertainment genres worldwide.

The podcast has three different hosts. Science Fiction Remnant has a primary host with Robert. His cohosts are Giancarlo and Ray. The show makes it apparent that these three are real friends. That friendship is what keeps the show exciting and has listeners returning.

Various types of sci-fi media appear on Science Fiction Remnant. One of their favorite segments is one entitled Cinema Recall. The hosts spend an episode looking back at famous science fiction movies during this time. Science Fiction Remnant has examined several notable films. These include Enemy Mine and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. However, the hosts focus on more than live-action films alone. Anime productions are also a topic on occasion. The anime-classic Ghost in the Shell inhabited an entire episode, for example.

Popular science fiction TV shows are also up for discussion. The team has differing opinions on Star Trek sometimes, and they are always sure to share them. But the hosts' cinematic interests also extend beyond spaceships.

Science Fiction Remnant even features comic books. And one of the best things about this podcast is its thoroughness. The hosts don't talk about one angle alone. Instead, they celebrate their love for the genre as a whole. This makes the podcast much more accessible to regular listeners.

Science Fiction Remnant premieres new episodes once a week on Sundays. Those looking for a new science fiction podcast with a sense of fun may like this show.

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