S4: Episode 148 - Assuming the role of full-time caregiver & homeschool teacher to her 12-year-old autistic son can be overwhelming, so this mom makes her own health & wellness a priority

Living the Sky Life - Our Autism Journey

Apr 20 2023 • 59 mins

Christine De Gregorio is a mom to two wonderful boys Gianni (1.5 years old), and Abryn (13 years old). Abryn, who is on the autism spectrum, came into her life when he was 8 months old when she met her now husband and she feels so blessed that he did. He first made Christine a mom and has helped her grow in so many ways. Abryn reminds her everyday to enjoy the simple things in life. She's absolutely in love with being a mom to two amazing boys.

In her free time, Christine loves to shop, cook, exercise (Crossfit is her go to for self regulation & staying strong & healthy), and she enjoys bartending at a local sports bar and operating the event bartending business she owns.


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