The Eternal State

Time In The Word

Feb 22 2021 • 24 mins


After the first phase of the future kingdom of God ends, the second phase of the kingdom will begin.

Rev. 20:7-9 tells us that towards the end of the Millennium Kingdom, Satan is released from the Abyss and is successful in gathering a large number of people who will rebel against Christ. According to Rev. 20:9-10, the rebellion is short-lived and completely unsuccessful. All those who participate in it are put to death, while Satan receives his final judgment in the Lake of Fire.

After Satan’s power is finally broken and all people are finally resurrected, all the subjugation necessary has been realized. It is then possible to move into the eternal kingdom. When the millennium kingdom is merged with the eternal kingdom, the eternal sovereignty of God is established. Satan’s challenge and disruption of God’s purposes will be answered finally and forever.

In today’s study, Dr. Gonzalez discusses the eternal state and life in the Eternal Kingdom of God.

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