EP24: Market landscape and opportunities in the Indian software ecosystem, with Nikhil Sachdev, Managing Director at Insight Partners focused on software, fintech and crypto

Paradigm Shift

Jun 7 2022 • 32 mins

Nikhil is a managing director at Insight Partners, where he invests in software, fintech, and crypto companies. In this conversation we talk about the recent market corrections, investment landscape in the Indian startup ecosystem, and some of the opportunity areas Nikhil is most excited about across software/SaaS, fintech and crypto.

In this episode we discuss:

  1. Market context and Insight Partners as a fund
    • What’s your perspective on the current market backdrop?
    • What are the areas Insight Partners is most focused on?
    • What are you seeing behind the scenes in terms of fundraising activity?
    • How has your advice/guidance for companies changed vs 3mos ago?
    • What are some asymmetric opportunities for founders when fundraising gets harder?
    • What are some efficiency metrics that you find yourself focusing more on?
  2. Opportunities areas and trends in the Indian market, fintech, and crypto
    • What’s your “why now” for the Indian startup market?
    • What are some recent investments you’ve made and what was most exciting to you?
    • What does the earliest stage of funding look like in the Indian startup market?
    • How do you think about exit scenarios and exit valuations in the Indian market?
    • What’s your take on Indian fintech and opportunity areas?
    • What are your thoughts on long term monetization in the Indian market?
    • What types of crypto opportunities have you been focused on?
  3. Closeout questions
    • What are some of your superpowers that you’ve learnt to rely on often?
    • What is something you believe that might surprise most people?
    • What content have you consumed recently that has made an impact?


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