Don't Punish Pain With Claudia Merandi

Claudia Merandi

Claudia A. Merandi is the founder of the national "Don't Punish Pain Rally Organization." Claudia, mom to both Francesca and Ava, is the former owner of Merandi Court Reporting. She's a retired court reporter and self-published author, from East Providence, Rhode Island. As a person living with severe Crohn's Disease since a child, she witnessed first-hand the challenges a person with pain encounters when trying to obtain adequate pain management.Claudia, in 2017, created the Don't Punish Pain Rally Organization focusing on organizing protests/rallies throughout the country for people with pain who could no longer access pain management due to the horrific 2016 CDC opioid prescribing guidelines. She started with five members. Today, there's over 20,000 members across the country. There's chapters in Canada, Australia, and the UK.Claudia remains vigilant in bringing awareness to the anti-opioid crusaders who are profiting off the overdosing epidemic. These anti-opioid crusaders have fueled the illicit fentanyl/Heroin overdosing epidemic by misleading governmental officials with false data/opinions, while making millions off the backs of both the addictions and the pain community. Today, Claudia works with pain patients, as well as their providers, who have been targeted unfairly by governmental agencies and medical boards. "When taken as prescribed and stored correctly, opioids remain to be safe and effective to treat both chronic and acute pain. You don't become addicted, purely, because you're exposed to a molecule. We must stop this false narrative pushed by media." Claudia has a weekly podcast with the United Patients Group.Learn more here: https://www.thedoctorpatientforum.com/

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Jul 18 2021
33 mins
Why are doctors being arrested for treating pain? Are doctors really the enemy? With attorney Benjamin Wish
"His reward for trying to treat these pain patients for years was to be indicted, to have his practice turned upside down; to really lose just about everything in his life except his friends and family."Why are doctors being arrested for treating pain? Because of a governmental reaction to opioid addiction. To make political gains doctors are now the enemies, as long as they prescribe pain medicine. It does not matter if the patient mixes those medications with illegal substances or lies to get more pills than they need, if a doctor can be targeted and prosecuted then it’s a political “win” in this all new “war on drugs”.But are doctors really the enemy?Are doctors really drug pushers and patients suffering from cancer or other debilitating illnesses that cause outrageous pain really just drug addicts?When you scratch the surface on this issue it’s self evident that the answer here is an unequivocal NO!We can do better than throwing doctors in jail for prescribing pain medicine!We can do better than villainizing patients who suffer from excruciating pain!See what attorney Benjamin Wish has to say, and listen to his story about defending a doctor who was simply attempting to do what he had been trained to do: help his patients!It’s astonishing that in twenty-first century America a “Patient Advocate” would need to exist at all, but here we are, and Claudia Merandi is in the ring fighting for the rights of patients and doctors!Visit us at: https://www.unitedpatientsgroup.comFollow us on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn_Rews_k-L0_0F73JSBDxgFollow us on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/upatientsgroupFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnitedPatientsGroup/Learn More: https://www.thedoctorpatientforum.com
Jul 12 2021
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80 year old MD, practicing medicine for 42 years, is arrested and put in jail for treating pain. With Dr. Walter WrennYou Can’t Treat My Pain Because You’ll Lose Your License?!?! With Connie Smith
"You never know what you have until it’s gone."When your doctor tells you "I can't treat your pain because I can lose my license if I do", who is being served here? The patient? The doctor? Who?Living with chronic pain not only disrupts your day to day routine, your work, your family, and your overall physical health, it also erodes your sense of hope that things will get better. It is a major source of depression.Getting the medication you need to control and deal with pain can be not only life changing, but life saving.So why are all pain patients lumped into this category of "drug seeker" or "addict"? Because there is no nuance or attention to detail in today's discussions about pain medicine, pain treatment, and pain management in the political and mass media spectrum.Only one message is sent to all of us: pain medication causes addiction. Period.It's simply not true. So why do everyday people need to suffer for no reason? Because of a narrative that keeps getting repeated without all of the data necessary to show that there is much more going on here than addiction only.It's crazy to think that in this day and age anyone would need a "Patient Advocate", but the reality is so many people do, and that's where Claudia Merandi steps in.Visit us at: https://www.unitedpatientsgroup.comFollow our YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn_Rews_k-L0_0F73JSBDxgFollow us on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/upatientsgroupFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnitedPatientsGroup/Learn More: https://www.thedoctorpatientforum.com#dontpunishpain #claudiamerandi #pain #unitedpatientsgroup
Jun 29 2021
29 mins
Why isn't my pain valid? With Dr. Dan LairdWhy can't I get help managing my pain? With Bev Schechtman
In this our first installment of Claudia Merandi’s “Don’t Punish Pain” podcasts, tune in, listen and you will understand why United Patients Group is honored to promote Claudia and her international crusade for the most marginalized individuals.  These are patients who suffer with Chronic Pain and Intractable Pain and are now being targeted by our government using the fake opioid prescription crisis and misinterpretation of the 2016 CDC prescribing guidelines.  In her interview, Claudia and her guest Beverly ‘Bev’ Schekman discuss the pain associated with Crohn’s Disease, an autoimmune disorder which attacks the colon and other organs including the eyes with varying severity.  Both Claudia and Bev had severe Crohn’s and spent years in the hospital battling this condition.   For those of you who don’t have Crohn’s disease, imagine the most excruciating intestinal pain with all the associated intestinal symptoms as the body attacks itself.  During the early period of their lives, the ladies were treated appropriately with opioid pain medication, often with Dilaudid (hydromorphone) which greatly helped their pain.  Unfortunately, Crohn’s Disease is merely one of the painful disorders which are falling prey to the actions of our government and medical community.  Claudia first began her advocacy when she was accused of drug seeking while suffering from her chronic illness.  When she found that obtaining relief with pain medication was getting harder despite her diagnosis, the Don’t Punish Pain Rally group was born.  Bev found Claudia as she too had been denied life restoring pain medications for the same reasons.  Unbelievably, Bev was in terrible distress and presented to the ER.  While taking her history she revealed she had been sexually assaulted as a child.  Subsequently, she was denied pain medication because of the assault.  This was perhaps the most egregious action by the medical community she had ever experienced or had ever been reported to her. Bev became an advocate with Claudia.In this podcast they discuss some of the misconceptions about the use of opioid therapy in the chronic pain and often rare disease world of medicine.  In 2016 the CDC recommended that physicians not exceed 90 mme (morphine milligram equivalent) without regard to the patient's disease, condition, appropriate use of medicine and severity of pain.  Over the past 5 years, this recommendation has taken on a new life as a regulation and treated as law.  As such physicians willing to write for chronic intractable pain, have been targeted by the DEA who enters the doctor’s offices, gun drawn, patients waiting and demanding records.  Claudia and Bev discuss this travesty against opioid prescribing in long term pain and the targeting of doctors who do nothing wrong except prescribe appropriately for the treatment of their patients.Watch and listen to the unbelievable.  We’ve just begun!
Jun 10 2021
33 mins