Taking time to reflect on God with us

John Hebenton's Podcast

Dec 19 2022 • 24 mins

Let’s read Matthew on its own terms and not in Luke’s shadow

Today we read the stories of two men, one faithless and untrusting (Ahaz in Isaiah) and one faithful and trusting (Joseph in Matthew).

When I read this, I am reminded of John Dun Scotus – Francisan theologian of high middle ages - "The Incarnation is caused simply by God's generous and free love, and is not provoked by anything a mere human creature has done [i.e., because of the Fall].”

Finish with quick overview of Advent

-         Peace – shalom (שׁלום) is derived from a root denoting wholeness or completeness. Shalom more than absence of war, but the overcoming of strife, quarrel, and social tension, the prevention of enmity and war between people, groups of people and nations.

-         Hope – Jim Wallis

-         Gift of Joy which we nurture

-         Love – John Duns Scotus

What I want to happen:

During this week I invite you to take time at the end of each day to give thanks for ways God with us has both brought love into your day; and through you brought love into the lives of others. I also invite you to reflect on what has led you away from love.

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