The Regressives Ep. 12 | How We Solve Housing and Homelessness

Lost Debate

Feb 12 2023 • 48 mins

America faces two inextricable problems: a growing homelessness crisis, and a dire lack of affordable housing. As the gravity of those issues grows more visible, lawmakers are under increasing pressure to solve them. We sat down with The New York Times' Binyamin Appelbaum to talk about how the state of California -- so often the poster child for how not to handle homelessness -- is making gradual progress, taking a critical yet hopeful look at what the rest of the country can learn from their example. We discuss the unique position land occupies in our society, the persistent phenomenon of NIMBYism, and why the first step to fighting homelessness is both hugely complicated and squarely simple: build more housing. Leave us a voicemail with your thoughts on the show! 321-200-0570 Subscribe to our feed on Spotify: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Subscribe to our Substack: Follow Lost Debate on Instagram: Follow Lost Debate on TikTok: Follow Lost Debate on Twitter: The Lost Debate is also available on the following platforms:  Stitcher: iHeart: Amazon Music: