The Regressives Ep. 5 | Progressive Hypocrisy on School Choice

The Lost Debate

May 29 2022 • 44 mins

"School choice" is among the most politicized phrases in America, mainly because it means different things to different people. Charter schools are at the heart of that divisive debate, pitting progressives and conservatives against one another in a shouting match over what "choice" truly means and who deserves to have it. Ravi sits down with Shavar Jeffries, the president of Democrats for Education Reform, to talk about fighting for charter schools, the many progressives who resist school choice, the sweeping influence of teachers unions, and the most important factor in this and all discussions of education: what's best for students. Subscribe to The Lost Debate’s YouTube channel: Sticher: iheart: Amazon Music: LOST DEBATE ON SOCIAL: Follow Lost Debate Instagram: Follow Lost Debate on TikTok: Follow Lost Debate on Twitter: