Tiffany Yates Martin, Author of "Intuitive Editing"

Tea with Jess: Chatting with Authors & Artists

Aug 18 2021 • 34 mins

Tiffany Yates Martin is, I must say, is an editing genius. Her insights into editing and revision--specifically, how these practices can shape a first draft from a lump of clay into a unique and compelling sculpture--and career changing for writers.

How do I know? Tiffany helped me take the first draft of THE WIDOWS to  the next level, and I am still (and will always) apply the lessons I learned from working with her to my writing.

She runs Fox Print Editorial, wrote "Intuitive Editing" which I regard as a must have for every writer at any stage, and as Phoebe Fox walks-the-walk or should I say writes-the-write with her terrific novels of love, relationships and family.

During our tea, we chat about what inspired Tiffany to become an editor, her philosophy behind revising and editing as the heart of the writing process, tips for writers, tips for staying inspired, how working with writers is in some ways like coaching (and in others ways is not), and more.

I hope you'll find inspiration and insights for your own creative work, and enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at the craft of writing.