UnBuild It Podcast

Unbuild It Podcast

THE GOOD news: our homebuilding industry is jam-packed with new materials, new techniques, new systems, and it’s so easy to get information online, in an instant. THE BAD news: How do we know what we can trust; what will work and under what conditions? Where do we turn to separate out the spin-and-hype from the true-and-square? We’ve got you covered! The UnBuild It Podcast is an industry leading opportunity to get good information. UnBuild It podcast is a three member team – Peter Yost; Building Scientist, Jake Bruton; Builder and Remodeler, and Steven Baczek; Architect. We are nationally recognized industry leaders: Jake as a homebuilder; Steve as an architect, and Peter as a building scientist. You can find us at leading homebuilding industry events, in top-notch publications, and online media outlets.We believe that solid industry-related information has four key ingredients;RELEVANCE: You need insight on your job site. Jake, Steve, and Peter are in the field on a regular basis doing what we all strive to do. We walk thewalk – then talk about the walk. The three of us have been working togetherlong enough to build on each other’s expertise, but also not take ourselvestoo seriously. We are among the best at taking what may seem like complicated concepts, breaking them down, and turning them into job site ready breakthroughs.ACCURACY: Jake is often quoted as saying “Trust but Validate.” We don’t ask you to be the bleeding, leading edge; we develop trusted solutions based on our own work in the field, pushing each other to practice what we preach. Our accuracy comes out of triangulation: building, design, performance.UTILITY: We guarantee that each podcast episode will have you moving from all ears to all action. Our information is born from our own work. We pride ourselves on delivering information you can use the same day you make it through an episode. CAMARADERIE: We work together because we love homebuilding, hitting the airwaves, and humor. If you are not having fun learning with us during eachepisode, we are not doing our job. read less