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(#3) How To Set Powerful Intentions for the New Year
Jan 12 2022
(#3) How To Set Powerful Intentions for the New Year
2022, YOU MADE IT!Are you happy with how 2021 ended? Do you feel like some things didn’t happen as you would have hoped? How to set POWERFUL INTENTIONS and CLEAR YOUR ENERGY so that you can MANIFEST in 2022!In this episode, we talk about how to set powerful intentions for the new year, how to stay on track, and discuss why certain goals get delayed in a person’s life. This episode will cover the concepts of free will, planting seeds, and identifying blocks that keep you from manifesting.Listen to this episode to gain clarity and tips to start anew and welcome new energy into your life. In the end, we wrap up with a transformative affirmation and prayer you will want to be sure to write down!Click here to visit my website and see the options in how we can work together to put you on the path of abundance and manifestation. www.mysticsista.comIG: @mysticsistaJoin my Free FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mindbodydivaSchedule a spiritual reading with me at: http://www.mysticsista.comSign up for my Free E-Guide: Exploring Intuition https://www.subscribepage.com/eguideAbout your host: Brianna Peral is a Psychic Strategist, Intuitive Life Coach, and Tarot Reader. Brianna is also a sassy spiritualist, self-help junkie, and coffee enthusiast that is obsessed with helping people become the best version of themselves and giving them the tools to manifest the life of their dreams. If you are on the path to fine-tuning your spiritual gifts, intuitive development, and finding your soul's purpose then this podcast is just for you!