Product Mindset

Design Your Thinking Labs

The Product Mindset is a set of ideas (skills, techniques, and thinking hacks) that successful product makers possess, that allows them to learn, push through challenges and setbacks and more importantly, learn from the success of their peers. On Product Mindset by Design Your Thinking Labs, you will find a mix of deep-dive interviews, focused interviews around the product mindset, and solo episodes where we discuss the Product Mindset with experts and influencers. The show's host Karthik Vijayakumar interviews product experts, CEOs, editors, designers, coaches, and startup founders on various topics that encompass the Product Mindset. This podcast is for product managers, designers, entrepreneurs, product teams at startups, and everyone that's aspiring to get into these roles. You will find actionable advice, downloads, ebooks, and much more that accompany each episode. For more details, check out the podcast at www.designyourthinking.com/podcasts.

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