Wild & Basic with Murs Alison

Sep 15 2022 • 28 mins

New York Fashion Week just concluded its shows for this year and I thought it would be interesting to talk about what really goes behind the scenes, how one gets invited, what happens at parties, and lastly how one networks through all this. It's quite a process and for sure not for everyone, but if you're interested in going to the shows or just wanted to hear what it is like to go to NYFW this is the episode for you. Athletic Greens is giving our listeners a FREE 1-year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with the first purchase at athleticgreens.com/EMERGING    Please subscribe and leave a review on audio platforms as well :)  Apple Podcasts: http://apple.co/2TF3VnS Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2AfNQia Google Podcasts: https://bit.ly/3pmXw09 Amazon: https://amzn.to/2FKeu5X Follow the podcast: @wildandbasic on IG or "Wild & Basic Podcast" on YouTube