Anime Out of Context

Shaun Rollins and Remington Chase

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Our Editor's Take

The name Anime Out of Context is a bit of misdirection for this podcast. The reason is that the main host, Shaun Rollins, is an obvious anime fan. For him, watching anime is the exact context of his life. He's a true admirer of the genre who's seen all there is to see and can't get enough of it. However, his cohost, Remington Chase, is a complete novice in anime. That's where the podcast gets interesting.

In each episode of Anime Out of Context, Rollins introduces Chase to a new show. Luckily, the world of anime is so vast that the podcast can find a new subject each week. After the pair watches a few anime episodes together, they go into the debate stage. This is Chase's place to shine.

Since he's not as biased as Rollins, cohost Chase has no qualms about picking the shows apart. He discusses every detail he finds absurd and any plotline that isn't believable. Chase will be the first to point out any misogyny or sexism in the story. He also has zero tolerance for bland narratives or fan service. Chase supports the statement that if something is popular, it doesn't have to mean it's good. But the Anime Out of Context podcast cohost always keeps an open mind.

More often than not, Rollins will introduce a classic anime to hear his friend's genuine reaction. But even when Chase loves it, like in the case of Spirited Away, he can still find criticism. And if he hates it, as in the case of Forest Fairy Five, he can understand why people love it because it's so bad.

As the cohosts explore common tropes and examine what makes them work, they also explore the limits of their friendship. How far can they argue about anime before they crack? It seems like they can do this forever, as it's always in good spirits and ends on a positive note. Anime Out of Context has new episodes each week.

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