Pursuing Adventure, Entrepreneurship, and Financial Freedom with Steven Pivnik

Outside Insights

Jun 9 2023 • 51 mins

Get ready to join Chris Burkhard as he hosts a conversation with Steven Pivnik, a total boss in both business and endurance sports. They dive into Steven's journey, where his love for adventure, hustling, and being financially independent all come together.

Steven's background as an endurance athlete paved the way for his entrepreneurial pursuits. Prepare to uncover the secret sauce that ties together his athletic feats and business ventures. It's all about pushing your limits, bouncing back from setbacks, and keeping that unbeatable drive for success alive.

But it's not all business and success. Prepare to delve into the power of laughter, relationships, and spirituality in living a truly fulfilling life. Steven shares his insights on how embracing joy paved the way for both personal and professional success.

Steven also shared how he is taking on even more endurance challenges and chasing after those unfinished goals. To learn even more pick up Steven's book "Built to Finish” and  follow Steven’s adventure blog and sign up to receive book updates on www.stevenpivnik.com. "