Expert Hour with Dr. Caleb Simmons

Expert Hour by Sandeep & Gitanjali Maini Foundation

Nov 1 2021 • 26 mins

Dr. Caleb Simmons specializes in religion in South Asia, especially Hinduism. His research specialties span religion and state-formation in medieval and colonial India to contemporary transnational aspects of Hinduism. His book Devotional Sovereignty: Kingship and Religion in India (Oxford University Press, 2020), examines how the late early modern/early colonial court of Mysore reenvisioned notions of kingship, territory, and religion, especially its articulations through devotion. He teaches courses on Hinduism, Indian religions, and method and theory of Religious Studies at the University of Arizona. Dr Simmons has also published several other books and papers and is an expert on Mysore, its history and culture.