From Wall Street to Career Coach: Shifting Roles and Shifting Mindsets

The Refined Collective Podcast

Dec 5 2019 • 58 mins

Jena Viviano is an ex-Wall Streeter turned career coach and entrepreneur who helps go-getter professionals articulate their personal branded career story to land their dream jobs. Stay tuned to hear us chat about Wall Street, faith journeys, shifting mindsets, eating disorders, and hear me drop Beyoncé’s name because of course! (Bonus: we have a quick chat about dating because Jena has an incredible boyfriend!)

Wall Street

·      We chat about what happens when we achieve the thing we think is going to fulfill us… and turns out it doesn’t fulfill us at all.

· “God, I don’t know if you are real, but if you are: get me out of here.”

·      During her time on Wall Street, she developed an eating disorder.

· “Instead of trying to fix the things that are “wrong with me,” why don’t I just lean into the things that I’m really good at.”

·      Jena shares how she was able to make a career pivot.

Integrating Faith at Work

· “For a long time, I thought about my job being my provider, but really the reality is God is my provider. That mindset shift helped me take bigger risks from taking that side hustle to full hustle.”

1.     Stay silent vs. Bible beating—it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Hear how Jena balances sharing her faith at work.

2.     Are we using our gifts? Are we encouraging others to do the same?

3.     Pray and put action behind it.

4.     Take a redemptive lens to work.

5.     How does generosity play into your work?

6.     Instead of compartmentalizing, show up as a whole person.

Battling an Eating Disorder

·      Jena sought counseling, health coaching, and rewired her thoughts.

·      The first step to healing was changing the environment she was in.

·      Bottom line: there is hope!

Keep up with Jena at her website, podcast, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can get her free devotional at

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