Upward with Transfr S1E2: Transfr and Trio — Collaborating to Revolutionize Electrical Construction Training

Upward with Transfr

Jul 27 2022 • 22 mins

Building a line of new VR training simulations for a trade is a complex job — no one can do it alone! That’s why Trio Electric and Transfr teamed up to build an industry-defining package of simulations designed to help programs of all kinds give their trainees a background in essential skills for the field, making them more effective on day one.

We sat down with Trio CEO Beau Pollock and Transfr CEO Bharani Rajakumar, and labor expert Eric Seleznow from Jobs for the Future for a fun, fast-paced conversation on the electrical industry, Trio’s unique program, and the future of electrical construction training.