90.9 The Park Presents... Trailer Park Power Hour

Trailer Park: The Podcast Trailer Podcast

Mar 6 2024 • 24 mins

Welcome to 90.9 The Park, your home for podcast trailers all day every day. This is our first-ever Trailer Park Power Hour, where we'll hit play on several trailers for your sampling pleasure.

Trailer Park: The Podcast Trailer Podcast is hosted by Tim Villegas and Arielle Nissenblatt. We share trailers for podcasts of shows that have been long-running, never made it out of pre-production, were made just for fun, or anything in between. Our goal is to help creators make better short-form audio and to help listeners find their next favorite listen.


In this episode, we feature:

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  • Written and produced by Tim Villegas and Arielle Nissenblatt

  • Edited by Arielle Nissenblatt

  • Mixed and mastered by Tim Villegas

  • Cover art by Caio Slikta

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