The New Renaissance: Planting the Seeds of Reality

Sunflower Club with James McCrae

Feb 24 2023 • 56 mins

Introducing a special series of Sunflower Club podcast episodes hosted by James McCrae (@wordsarevibrations). Sunflower Club is a decentralized creative community. We believe in the power of art and creativity to heal ourselves and the world around us. Learn how to host a Sunflower Club in your own community.

In this episode, James shares a talk called The New Renaissance, in which we look at the current state of the world through a historical lens of art and mythology. Myths are the bedrock of civilization, the wellspring from which our laws, values, and culture flow. Artists are the magicians and mythmakers who plant the seeds of new realities in the collective consciousness. As Henry Miller once said, “The future always has and always will belong to the poet.”

This is an educational and inspirational episode designed to empower your creativity through an understanding of history and the transformational power of art and myth.

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