Ep 187 - Design, Live, Thrive: Preparing for a Transformational Summit

Life Coach Business Building Podcast, The Business Building Boutique

Dec 20 2023 • 39 mins

I've always found inspiration in the wisdom shared by incredible women who teach, coach, and generously draw from their life experiences. That's why I’m really excited for the Design, Live, Thrive Summit happening on January 12th and 13th, where 30 women speakers will be discussing how to make 2024 your best year ever.

In this week's episode, I invited six speakers from the Design, Live, Thrive Summit to share their insights and learnings from their preparation journey. These speakers will deliver transformational talks, covering topics from overcoming stubborn weight gain, expressive writing, and blending families to knowing your strengths, managing self-talk, and navigating the next chapter in midlife and empty nest. We'll also hear some of their personal experiences and beautiful takeaways from the Business Building Boutique. Stay tuned until the end for a dose of inspiration that will empower you to continue the amazing work of changing the lives of the women you love and adore.

Welcome to the Life Coach Business Building Podcast! Join me as I teach you simple (organic) strategies to gain more paid clients in your life coaching business. Plus, I’ll share strategies for designing your offer, pricing your coaching, and selling your coaching offers, I have it all covered. My goal is to inspire you to take simple, consistent action to grow your coaching business. So, if you're ready to be a well-respected life coach with paid clients, this podcast is for you!

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Connect with the Speakers:

Amy Ambrozich



Andrea Sehmel



Anne Thomas



Karena Keesee



Linda Jones



Margie Setterlof



Episode details:

01:24 The Purpose of the Design, Live, Thrive Summit

02:46 Introducing Six Summit Speakers And Their Topics

09:46 How the Speakers Prepared for the Summit

20:37 Experiences and Takeaways in the Business Building Boutique

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