The Role Of Prayer In Spiritual Awakening (with J. Edwin Orr)

Deeper Christian Podcast

Sep 6 2023 • 28 mins

Leonard Ravenhill once said, "As long as we are content to live without revival, we will." And Ravenhill was not content to live without it, so he exhorted the Church to prayer. He once said, "The man who can get believers to praying would, under God, usher in the greatest revival that the world has ever known."

This same passion and earnestness was seen in J. Edwin Orr, a preacher who was earnest for revival and prayer.

In this episode, we listen to a powerful message Orr preached on the role and importance of unity in prayer that brings for revival. This message will give you a vision for the importance of prayer and the necessity of revival in our day.

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Deeper Christian Podcast • Episode 298

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