God is Jealous … and why that is absolutely AMAZING

Deeper Christian Podcast

Jul 27 2023 • 51 mins

I mentioned in the last episode that I'm preaching through a series called Behold Our God focusing on the Names of God and how they declare the majesty of Jesus Christ.

One of our God’s Names is “Jealous”—and while that may sound negative, it is actually an absolutely amazing thing. Though we often see jealousy as a destructive attribute, often motivated by insecurity or anger, Scripture reveals that jealousy is a profound aspect of God’s character.

In this episode, we listen to a previous message by Nathan on the Name "Qanna" (Jealous) and discuss why jealousy in relationships is essential and explain why we must understand this attribute biblically.

By the end, you will discover the beauty and benefit of this Name of God (Jealous) and learn why God’s jealousy is absolutely amazing.


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Deeper Christian Podcast • Episode 294

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