Bonus Ep 4 - The Princess Bride: Revisited

Cruel 2 Rewind

Jun 11 2021 • 55 mins

Prince Jeffrey is headed back to the Fire Swamp, but this time he’s joined by two surprise guests (Queen Beas is sitting this one out in order to preserve their mawwiage). You know and love their voices from their many wacky voicemails…now join us in welcoming Spicy Pete and C2R Super Fan Will to the program! Jeff selfishly wanted to talk to people who actually like The Princess Bride (and baby always gets his bottle), so who better than the co-hosts from his previous podcast, Dudes Night In? The lads briefly reminisce about the pioneer days of podcasting before sharing memories and waxing poetic about Rob Reiner's quirky, fantastical tale of Wesley and Buttercup.

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