Ep 48 - Batman & Robin


Oct 8 2021 • 1 hr 1 min

C2R Spookums Edition is here! You might even call it…Son of Spookums?? We have a full month of goofs and spooks planned for you. To kick us off, we’re continuing our Batman Odyssey (that is, watching Batman movies Angie hasn’t seen yet) with Batman & Robin, which hit theaters in 1997 and stars George Clooney and C2R Hall of Famer Arnold Schwarzenegger. Think of this movie as the “campy” piece to our spooky season movie puzzle. Jeff has waited patiently for years to share what he calls “The Times Square of Bad Movies” with Queen Beas, and the time is finally right! We don’t spend too much time on all 27 of Mr. Freeze’s ice puns, but there’s still plenty of Arnold-based fun to be had. We also stumbled across the creepiest Halloween-themed sitcom episode in the history of the universe: “Stevil” from season eight of Family Matters. We just had to share the horror with you. Don’t-cha love iiiiit?

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