Ep 46 - Con Air


Aug 17 2021 • 1 hr 8 mins

Yes hi hello to you, beloved listener. The third installment of our C2R Cruel Summer series is a Jeff pick: the summer action and adventure blockbuster from 1997, Con Air. After being wrongfully imprisoned for defending his wife in a bar fight, Cameron Poe (played by Nic Cage) does 50 million prison push-ups and then boards a flight to finally go home to his family. But it just so happens he's joined by ten of the most dangerous men in the American penal system. Led by Cyrus the Virus (played by John Malkovich), the crude criminal stereotypes hijack the plane, leaving Cameron to save the f**king day with his muscles and roundhouse kicks. Join us as we go on a tangent around body transformations (because of Cage’s hot bod) during which Jeff learns about all the big strong muscles Angie developed as a gymnast. We also visit an early chapter of Jeff's life that he would really prefer to forget (hint: it involves guitars and way too many burgers). So, sit back, relax, turn up those earbuds, and put the bunny...back in the box.

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