Ep 52 - Cool Runnings

Cruel 2 Rewind

Mar 11 2022 • 1 hr 4 mins

WE’RE ON THE AIR, SLED GODS. Angie was feeling “very Olympic” last month and picked an all-time favorite, Cool Runnings, in the spirit of the 2022 Beijing games (if you even noticed the Olympics happened last month). Like Jeff with Wayne’s World, Cool Runnings was one of the first movies Angie memorized all the way through. She practiced her Sanka impression religiously, and thankfully there is no tape recording or home video proof (it was 1993, ok?). We discuss the likeability of this movie transcending age, gender, and genre preference because of its unique charm and humor. Plus, we do some true story fact checking. So without further ado: C2R listener, ya dead?

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