The School of Light, Prayer & Fasting Course, Lesson #2, with Pastor Deborah

The School of Light – Agape Love Ministry

Nov 6 2021 • 26 mins

Welcome again to The School of Light, Prayer & Fasting, A Wonderful Course of How Pastor Deborah learned how to Help people the Lord's Way. This Is Lesson # 2. All Scriptures are from The Authorized King James Version of The Holy Bible 1. Matthew 10 : 7 -8 2. Matthew 10 : 16 3. Acts 26 : 16 - 18 4. Mark 16 : 15 - 18 5. Mark 1 : 14 - 15 Please also visit the Full Youtube Channel and the Playlist of The School of Light for more videos on Deep spiritual Teaching. Please also subscribe to the Youtube Channel, The Hidden Kingdoms Channel to be notified of all new videos being uploaded and released. Please also do not leave comments of a sexual nature or link to sexual web sites. These are not appropriate here and will be removed. Pastor Deborah as you to be supportive of this and cooperate. Thank you for all are loved deeply and welcomed to watch and learn. Love Pastor Deborah Pastor Deborah can also be followed on Twitter and Linkedin Love Pastor Deborah