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Tales of Tamriel | An Elder Scrolls Podcast focuses on the gameplay experiences of it's hosts! Our goal is to inspire players to have adventures of their own in Tamriel. We also toss in a healthy dose of gameplay news, discussion, and lore lectures! read less

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The Tales of Tamriel by UESP | An Elder Scrolls Podcast is part of the Elder Scrolls video game world. The game is a role-playing game (RPG) that is enormously popular. The podcast started in 2014. It started before The Elder Scrolls Online game.

The podcast's hosts are Beytullah Arkhaniir Ünal and Lotus of Doom. (The latter is a pseudonym.) The duo produces a show that combines humor and entertainment. They share insights into the world of the Elder Scrolls. They also welcome perspectives from other gamers.

Arkhaniir is a Turkish computer engineer and game development expert. He brings technical knowledge to each episode. Lotus of Doom, an ardent Elder Scrolls devotee, shares his passion on the podcast. He also cohosts ESO Lorecast, which explores the intricate lore of Elder Scrolls.

The Tales of Tamriel by UESP | An Elder Scrolls Podcast is the longest-running Elder Scrolls show. The podcast surpassed the one million download mark in 2022. The podcast attracts both hardcore fans and newcomers to The Elder Scrolls. Deep appreciation for the game and fan engagement have ensured its ongoing success. Fans of the podcast have gone on to become cast members.

Players creating a character in the Elder Scrolls Online have their choice of races. There are three categories of race. They are humans, Elvish, and Bestial. There are four types of humans. There are also four types of elves. There are two types of beasts.

Players then choose their class. Their options are Sorcerer, Dragonknight, Nightblade, Necromancer, Templar, Warden, or Arcanist. There are also character options that enable one to become a werewolf or vampire.

The Tales of Tamriel by UESP | An Elder Scrolls Podcast appears two to three times a month. With lengthy episodes lasting over two hours, listeners can enjoy an immersive experience.

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