A Hateful Homicide

Mallery Jenna Robinson

A Hateful Homicide @ahatefulhomicide is an American true-crime and investigative journalism podcast from Los Angeles California by Transgender and HIV Healthcare advocate Mallery Jenna Robinson @MalleryJenna90. The true-crime and investigative journalism podcast focuses on the murders (solved and unsolved) of Transgender, Gender Nonbinary/ Nonconforming, Intersex, Two-Spirit and gender expansive community members throughout the United States and abroad. #AHatefulHomicide #AHH #SayAHH #Saytheirnames #Translivesmatter #TrueCrime #Suspenseful Saturdays Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/ahatefulhomicide/support read less

Our Editor's Take

A Hateful Homicide is a true crime podcast about murders rooted in prejudice. Host Mallery Jenna Robinson details crimes committed against gender nonconforming individuals. Victim's gender identities on the program range from transgender to non-binary. With this show, Robinson hopes to raise the voice of this at-risk community.

Podcast host Robinson has a personal connection to the cases she covers. She is a transgender woman and an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community. Her work with Long Beach's LGBTQ Center has connected many people to vital care. She is also an associate program director at Equality California.

Before turning advocacy into a career, Robinson taught middle school science and history. Her trans empathy and teaching experiences make her an excellent resource and host. She brings a compassionate voice to an underreported issue. Every episode of A Hateful Homicide reveals and examines the real dangers that LGBTQIA+ people face.

No matter the demographic, the murderer is often someone the victim knows. But trans people are also the victims of random attacks. Robinson narrates the events surrounding each murder. She analyzes the psychology at play to understand how these crimes happen. Listeners learn about each victim's gender identity journey as well. Some victims get justice, but many cases remain unresolved.

The media is part of the problem of hate crimes committed against the genderqueer community. These murders tend to receive little media attention. Robinson draws much-needed awareness to these forgotten victims. The podcast advocates for LGBTQIA+ individuals and keeps the victim's stories alive.

Fans of the show may enjoy Robinson's respectful approach to these stories. Her soft, calm narration of these horrific crimes makes each episode captivating. A Hateful Homicide is a unique addition to the true crime category. Some listeners may want to learn more about the lived experiences of trans people. This podcast does an excellent job of combining true crime and LGBTQIA+ issues.

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The Murder of Domonique Duffy Newburn: “Reality Star Slain”
Oct 30 2023
The Murder of Domonique Duffy Newburn: “Reality Star Slain”
It's Tuesday August 20, 2013 Fontana California 32-year-old African-American Transgender woman, YouTuber and Hollywood Houseboys reality Star Domonique Newburn was discovered in her apartment around 4:45 p.m. PST on Tuesday, neighbor 29-year-old African-American Cisgender man Ronald Jackson called police about a disturbance in the 7900 block of Bennet Avenue. Detective Geraldine Everett and Officer Emilia Suarez arrive on the scene and quickly identified the victim in the apartment. The crime scene described as bloody from the living room to Domonique's bedroom. As Detective Nobles and her team entered and found Newburn's body in the living room near a window where she had tried to flee for her life. Detective Everett quickly received word on a possible suspect when she and her team interviewed neighbors. Neighbors told police they witnessed a younger African-Amercian Cisgender man leaving the home in the victim's black 2004 Mercedes C240 sedan, with the license plate No. 7AAY925. The man was also seen taking clothes and a computer from the home. He was described as black man in his late 20s to early 30s, about 5 feet 8 inches tall with a medium build. Domonique's car had GPS tracking and was able to locate the vehicle and her apartment had CCTV footage and they were able to identify through facal recogninityon the suspect was Dantjier Powell an 18-year-old African-American Cisgender man. Another person of interest who was seen with him when using Domonique's credit and debit cards was 25-year-old African-American Cisgender female Jamie Nicole Cotton. The two were seen shopping at stores in Cotton's hometown Highland CA. He was charged with Second degree murder, armed robbery, and sexual assault. Cotton was not implicated in any of the crimes as she made a deal to testify on what she knew regarding the hateful homicide of Domonique Newburn. He was sentence to 15 years to life and is eligible for parole in the year 2029. If released will he kill again? Born 1981 Domonique Newburn was describes as driven, determined, and beautiful inside and out. She was very well adored by her community and was a rising star being featured on reality tv and gaining a huge following on her YouTube channel. In 2013 Domonique was partnered with her boyfriend of 5 years, in her own apartment, a reality star and was working on obtaining her gender affirming surgery and having a hit song on iTunes. Her neighbors described her as quiet, kind, and a light in their community they had no idea she was transgender, but was horrified to know her hateful homicide occurred due to her gender identity as a transgender woman. Domonique Duffy Newburn (1982-2013). We Remember you Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Forever and Always. --- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/ahatefulhomicide/support