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Tara Preston, New Paradigm Feminine Leadership Mentor, Akashic Teacher

A spirited podcast for women ready to flourish in a new paradigm of feminine freedom & prosperity. For women ready to live beyond the box of society, in the fullness of their true authentic mission, purpose, power & expression. Join in for bi-weekly, soul stirring conversations, with women from around the world, who have rooted into their sacred path, and have rose in a new paradigm of love, freedom, power, purpose & prosperity. Let's do this!
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The Financial Path to Freedom
The Financial Path to Freedom
Join myself, & Millen Livis for this week's She Rose Revolutionaries Podcast interview called "The Financial Path to Freedom".Millen Livis is an International Holistic Financial Independence mentor, best-selling author, investor, and entrepreneur.She does that by mentoring clients in 4 areas of life that influence financial success the most – mindset, money management, money investing, and spirituality) - using the MILLENaire Method (her time-tested holistic system for creating Financial Independence).Here is what we covered on this episode of She Rose Revolutionaries:-Millen’s personal journey from leaving the comfort of her Wall Street job, and her marriage to pursue a life in alignment with her deeper values.- Her dark night of the soul, where she was pushing up against many obstacles including financial struggles and what happened that allowed her to turn it all around.- Her definition of financial freedom and how it supports us in creating a life on our terms.- Why women often don’t feel financial freedom is within reach for them, and where they can find themselves self-sabotaging- The importance of making your money work for you as you grow your wealth.- Simple ways to get started on the pathway to financial freedom.- Why having a vision, and establishing your financial freedom number is so important when it comes to setting yourself up for success.- Why we have to condition ourselves towards success ( I personally LOVE how she touches on this).- The importance of mentorship .- Cultivating a wealth and financial freedom skill-set.And so much more...Millen is a wealth of wisdom!Here's a free gift  of “Never Worry About Money Again” complimentary consultation (Value $797): https://SpeakWithMillen.comOr Follow her work on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DareToChangeLifeAnd as always come join in on the She Rose Revolutionaries private community for weekly discussion: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sheroserevolutionaries
4d ago
33 mins
Somatic Experiencing (tm) For Authentic Living
Join myself, & Shauna for this week's She Rose Revolutionaries Podcast interview called "Somatic Experiencing For Authentic Living".Shauna is a mother, a wife, a poet and a trauma therapist. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Regina and is a certified Somatic Experiencing™ Practitioner (SEP). She has worked as a clinical mental health therapist for fourteen years.As a poet, she has some of her work published in Canadian literary magazines such as Untethered, The Fieldstone Review, and Spring. Her poem Girl at a Bar with High Heels was a nominee for the 2019 Pushcart Prize for Small Presses.Here is what we covered on this episode of She Rose Revolutionaries:Shauna’s story of following the breadcrumbs that led her  to more of her authentic unfolding.An explanation of what somatic healing isAn unregulated nervous system VS a dis-regulated nervous system.How Somatic work can assist us in building our energetic capacity for regulation & resiliency, with an increased tolerance to difficult situationsExamples of how our body responds to stress, and fear.Shauna’s journey before somatic work, and what she discovered through this process about her own regulation.Why animals in the wild don’t carry or hold stress.How trauma in the body is createdA brief history of Somatic work, and why it was once considered Woo Woo!How Shauna discovered a new path of service that honored her own authentic nature.And so much more...You can follow Shauna here:https://www.facebook.com/shauna.eveleighharrisAnd as always come join in on the She Rose Revolutionaries private community for weekly discussion: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sheroserevolutionaries
Jan 7 2022
43 mins
The Feminine Portal To Empowered Pleasure
Join myself, & Gi Gi for this week's She Rose Revolutionaries Podcast interview called "The Feminine Portal To Empowered Pleasure".Gi Gi, is an Empowerment & Embodiment Guide for women who desire to heal their sexual wounds, own their bodies & embrace their sacred feminine magnetic power. She is trailblazing the way for the sexual revolution. Her mission is to support women to heal shame from their bodies & align with their highest expression of love. Here is what we covered on this episode of She Rose Revolutionaries:What pleasure is, and how we can open to it through curious exploration of what works for us and what feels good for us. Gi G’s personal journey of being disconnected from her pleasure and "hungry" for more in her life. What a personal pleasure practise can support you with in your own embodiment journeyWhat shifted for her to feel “full” in her life.  How true desire (versus ego wants) becomes a compass for our lives that lends itself to true happiness, and aligmentReclaiming our expression and sexuality beyond the male gaze and into a place of personal power. The importance of creating safety in the body for deeper embodiment. Simple ways for connecting to your personal pleasure map. The healing power of rose quartz yoni wandsthe womb and the voice of pussy. Definitely check out Gi Gi's Upcoming Event A 3 Day Guided Womb Meditation Series through the upcoming Winter Solstice to Connect With Your Embodied Pleasure: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2022268461215940/ Or Follow her on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/madamegigi1And as always come join in on the She Rose Revolutionaries private community for weekly discussion: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sheroserevolutionaries
Dec 14 2021
41 mins
How To Cultivate & Claim Your Authentic Feminine Leadership
Join me on this weeks episode of  She Rose Revolutionaries Podcast"How to Cultivate, Trust & Powerfully Claim Your Authentic Feminine Leadership".This week's podcast takes a surprise twist, when a college of mine (Nadia Krauss), interviews me on a topic that I LOVE to share on.  As the host of the She Rose Revolutionaries Podcast my desire is to inspire women to trust their own leadership, unique vision, voice and creative power.Regardless of where you find yourself (corporate, motherhood,  business or advocating for change) it does not matter. Feminine Leadership is about cultivating  connection to what feels true, right and good to us. I truly believe ALL women are leaders, and that it's time for a new model of feminine leadership.Here is what we covered on this episode of She Rose Revolutionaries:What new paradigm leadership is, and the root of why so many women are struggling with money and to receive.  Why allowing your deeper leadership to guide your life is the key to your freedom and unique expression or vision in the world.   Listening to the deeper nudge of our perspective, vision, truth and way as a way to honor what we are ready to bring through for the new world in a world that hasn’t always honored it the feminine unique way of being and seeing  The Akahic Records as an ancient tool for upgrading my sovereignty codes.  How to anchor into the feminine beyond the hyper masculine hustle that our world has been built on Shedding projections in order to hear our own truth and unqiue perspectiveWhy presence is so powerful in finding clarity beyond the societal projections How to build the confidence to trust your vision, and truth Why establishing boundaries allows more freedom, and why we need to to do it even when it’s uncomfortable The conditioning in society that exits when it comes to trusting our naturalness as womenFeminine freedom  will require discomfort but on the other side is liberationMy money struggle story as I stepped out with my feminine gifts and purpose and I how I felt abandoned by money and how that connects to my Father story.And much much more...Join in for weekly discussion's in the She Rose Revolutionaries Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/sheroserevolutionariesSign up for me free gift the Radiant Morning Power Hour (anchor into your beauty, truth and leadership daily):  www.tarapreston.com/radiantpowerhour
Dec 3 2021
29 mins
How To Be a SEX Goddess at Any Age!
Join myself, & Veronie Anderson for this week's She Rose Revolutionaries Podcast interview called "How to be a Sex Goddess at Any Age".Veronie Anderson, Erotic Coach, & Sex Goddess. Veronie helps women claim their sexuality so that they can have mind blowing sex and unleash their deepest desires. She started her journey after a transformative breakup. She was feeling numb and was looking for anything that would make her feel again. She started with masturbation and it took her down the rabbit holes of sex, sexual energy, woman wisdom. She developed an erotic relationship with her body and noticed that her body became so much juicer. She also became braver and decided to share her own discovery with the world.  Thank goddess!Here is what we covered on this episode of She Rose Revolutionaries:Veronie’s personal sexual awakening after a traumatic break-up and how it opened the door to her power & erotic body wisdom.Sex and the aging womanBusting through cultural norms around Mothers and sexuality as well as the aging woman and sexualityThe life cycle of Motherhood and our changing bodies (as well as how to adapt and fall in love with our bodies at any age)Healing our relationship to our wombs & pussy’s as sacred and sexual womenThe power of self touchHow a woman’s sexuality and her desires are intimately connectedErotic body connectionSensuality and the sexual goddessThe power of dreaming into our sexual fantasies as womanThe power of knowing and connecting to your pussy wisdom & powerWhat to do if you are sexually dissatisfiedHow orgasmic energy and vitality are so connected. Liberation and the sexual womanSimple Exercises to connect into your own source of love, awakening and healing as a woman!Definitely check out Veronie's YouTube Channel called Love Catalyst: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdqMZUrWADaKNUCku4Vp_ogOr Follow her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/veronie.andersonAnd as always come join in on the She Rose Revolutionaries private community for weekly discussion: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sheroserevolutionaries
Nov 18 2021
31 mins
Womb Wisdom: Awakening the Creative & Healing Energies Of Our Wombs to Birth the New Earth.
Join myself, & Emmi Mutale for this week's She Rose Revolutionaries Podcast interview called, Womb Wisdom: Awakening the creative & healing energies of our wombs to birth the New Earth.Emmi is an intuitive healer, energy medicine practitioner and a shamanic Womb Priestess and teacher, dedicated to re-awakening ancient feminine wisdom. In her sacred healing work, Emmi weaves together multiple modalities  to create a magical experience for deep healing and transformation for women of all ages around the world, holding a safe, protected and non-judgmental space for the emergence of authentic connection, profound knowing and inner power. In this She Rose Revolutionaries Podcast Episode we cover:Emmi’s personal womb awakening journeySimple steps for getting to know your womb and her wisdomWhat the ancient ones knew about our connection to our wombs,  Gaia & the great cosmic wombWhy so many of us are disconnected from our wombsWhy the power & wisdom of our wombs is so important in birthing the new world.What would happen if  the wisdom & power of the womb was placed  at the forefront of society?Emmi’s beautiful sacred vision for the role of the womb & new earthWomb wounds and Emmi’s deep healing work with womb wounds, as well as how they affect women.What happens when a woman begins to awaken to the power of her womb, and how it affects feminine embodiment,  life, creativity, and business. Ancestral healing through womb journey’sA personal ancestral womb journey story from EmmiAnd of course so much more..Learn more about Emmi Mutale here:Website: https://www.femininerevered.com/Sacred Feminine Power podcast: https://www.femininerevered.com/sacred-feminine-power-podcast/Upcoming Womb Oracle Journey: https://www.femininerevered.com/womb-oracle-journey-signup/Free gift: You are a Miracle Activation (a meditative transmission to help you remember your Divine origins); https://femininerevered.com/you-are-a-miracle-sign-up/ Emmi also hosts the Sacred Feminine Power podcast and runs House of Gaia, a suburban sanctuary and a centre for healing and transformation in Lusaka, Zambia. She is a bestselling author and the creatrix of a soul-centred leadership training for female leaders of civil society organizations. With an MA in Human Rights, Emmi continues to support organizations in their quest to end injustice and inequality.
Nov 9 2021
27 mins
Cacao Magic, Ceremony Medicine & the Power of Creativity
Join myself, & Antoinette Bishop,  for this week's She Rose Revolutionaries Podcast: Cacao Magic, Ceremony Medicine & The Power of Creativity.Antoinette is an international artist, intuitive, healer and a mother who lives a creative life. She has developed a therapeutic art process called my heart language which teaches people to tap into their intuition to find their own unique heart voice through the modality of art. She is also the founder of  “Five Petals”, which was birthed from her journey and deep relationship with Ceremonial Cacao. One of the great benefits of Cacao is that it stimulates the part of the brain that is responsible for creativity! Antoinette is passionate about sharing her gifts and knowledge with those who are ready to journey to deeper places of discovering the essence of their true selves.  Her relationship with plant spirits started years ago and through this journey she has studied multiple healing modalities. In this She Rose Revolutionaries Podcast Episode we cover: Speaks about the language and intelligence of the heart. Cacao as master plant medicine that is feminine in nature Cacao & creativity as a gateway to higher self wisdom The power of intention, ritual & ceremony How a difficult time on her path led her to discover her own healing modality The history of Cacao The preparation of cacao The health benefits of cacao The spiritual benefits of cacao And of course SO much more!Receive Antoinette's beautiful Cacao meditation to journey with the spirit of Cacao:https://soundcloud.com/antoinette-schmikl-bishop/cacao-meditation?si=58f5758178804874af430287b7cbcb96Connect with Antoinette here:https://www.facebook.com/antoinette.bishopJoin Tara and her guests in the She Rose Revolutionaries Facebook Group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/sheroserevolutionaries
Nov 3 2021
36 mins
Transmuting Darkness into Light: The Art of Grieving to be One with Self. Navigating grief through change.
Join myself, & Catherine Tetreault-Ayotte, Transformational Mentor for Women  for this weeks She Rose Revolutionaries Podcast.This week (which is SO perfect for our descent in the Northern Hemisphere into the darker half of the year) we are talking Ritual, Grief and Catherine's personal transformational story with her current family move from Canada to Costa Rico in just a few days!The title for this weeks podcast episode is: Transmuting Darkness into Light: The Art of Grieving to be One with Self. Navigating grief through change.Catherine is a Master Manifestor, Certified Ritualist, & International Best Selling Author, She helps women go deep within in order to be who they truly are.In this She Rose Revolutionaries Podcast Episode we cover:  Her visionary story that was seeded 8 years ago, and how she has followed this so the various seasons and stages of bringing this to life. Catherine’s personal journey right now with a big family move to Costa Rico in just a few days. How to create safety in grief processing and through transformation. How women are naturally designed to grieve and how we can work with it through our cyclical nature. How navigating grief can get easier when we understand how to move through it. The main ingredients for ritual The importance of allowing ourselves to be held through change. Nature connection and higher connection for transmuting fear, and grief. And of course so much more…Get a taste of Catherine’s medicine here with this free gift : Unleash your sacred path activation : https://www.thesacredpathofthepriestess.com/freeactivation/
Oct 27 2021
31 mins
Nourished Living & Soulful Health With Nadia Krauss
Join myself and Nadia Krauss for this episode of the She Rose Revolutionaries Podcast where we are talking about shifting the paradigms around Peri-menpausal health for women, and what it takes to follow the call of your soul even when the naysayers and doubters aren't supporting your vision. Nadia is a Soul Health Mentor, And the Author of The Magic of Transformation.She has a unique approach to supporting powerhouse women in their hormonal health journey, that not only includes food as medicine for the Peri-menopausal women, but also weaves in a spiritual perspective that supports  aspects of this important phase of a woman’s changing cycle.She will of course be sharing her (r)evolutionary woman’s journey where She followed the call of her soul from Germany to the US over ten years ago.And of course so much more, including:✨An energetic, spiritual and nutrition based approach to supporting women in their 40s through adrenals and shifting hormonal health. ✨The rainbow that exists within for a guide to optimal nutrition.✨Where the soul plays a major and important role in foundation level overall health.✨The Akashic Records as a guide, resource and compass for her authentic path starting at the age of 8.✨Nourishment versus nutrition ✨Her evolutionary woman’s journey from Germany to the US and how she had to listen to the call of her soul even when others didn’t always support it, or celebrate it.Download Nadia's Free Gift Here:https://bit.ly/menopausefriendlyJoin the She ROSE Revolutionaries Facebook Group Here:www.facebook.com/groups/sheroserevolutionaries/
Oct 17 2021
38 mins
Visionary Publisher & Collaborative Changemaking with Radhaa Nilia