Carolina Democracy

JD Wooten

Carolina Democracy is a review of the latest news and events impacting democracy in North Carolina hosted by JD Wooten and featuring regular interviews with candidates, local officials, community organizers, and anyone else fighting to promote democracy.

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Jan 6 2022
1 min
Primaries & Word Salad AttacksPrimary Mashup - Congressional CandidatesPrimary Mashup - State & Local CandidatesA Passion for ServiceAdvocacy & Practical Solutions in Robeson County!New North Carolina Project: Stand Up, Speak Up & Do SomethingThe People Determine the IssuesRepresenting the Underrepresented & UnrepresentedNew Rural Project: Listening & EngagingInspiration: Jim Hunt and Hotdog Stands!Fighting for Democracy at Home & Abroad"And I Love Campaigning!"New Maps & Virginia Unfiltered!Veterans: We're Resilient (so Elect Us!)A Duty to Do BetterFundraising and FUD!Greensboro Elections: Someday...maybe?A Word From the WhipWhere It All BeganTeaser Episode