Resiliency Within

Elaine Miller-Karas, LCSW

Elaine Miller-Karas will amplify the message of hope, healing and resiliency she has learned from our world community as she has traversed the globe after human made and natural disasters. Hope often springs forth in response to suffering and trauma. Our beliefs and our wellbeing are being challenged during these unprecedented times. The program Resiliency Within is about cultivating individual and community resiliency. Resiliency is the capacity to lean into our strengths with compassion during the most challenging of times and to remember what else is true? about our lived experience. Her guests are inspiring global leaders actively promoting healing and resiliency from a variety of backgrounds. The goal is to spread wellbeing and give individual and community examples to inspire how wellness skills, including ones based upon neuroscience and the biology of the human nervous system, can be integrated into one's life, family and community during challenging times.

Everyone is talking about trauma! What is it and can it be fixed?
Apr 25 2022
Everyone is talking about trauma! What is it and can it be fixed?
Clive Corry of Action Trauma Limited, will tell us what trauma is and why it affects so many people in the world in so many different ways; often causing them to hurt themselves and others. Clive says that trauma is a disturbing, subconscious memory or series of memories which can deeply affect our mood, behaviour, health and life. It often has a ‘ripple effect’ within families and can be passed down the generations. He is very clear that trauma is not an illness, but an injury which can be healed. So, what is the nature of this injury and what methods are available for healing? Traditionally in medicine, a ‘trauma’ was a physical injury. Today, the dictionary also describes it as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience and omits the descriptive prefix of ‘psychological’. Clive says that the most important points to note in all of this, are that trauma is held in the subconscious and by both the mind and the body. He will give some amazing descriptions of how trauma manifests itself, taking charge of our thinking brain and preparing our entire body and mind for instant action, based upon our ancient survival instincts. He will detail the different types, causes and variations of trauma and its effects, which include anger, addictions, obesity, anxiety and depression. He avoids the use of complicated medical terms and, indeed, notes that the medical profession generally have not caught up with the new evidence and new thinking about trauma in the world today. Clive then goes on to describe how trauma may be healed and how difficult it can be to do so because trauma does not want to be revealed, in case it opens a Pandora's box of frightening memories and experiences. Resilience is an important factor but varies hugely between people depending upon their experiences and ‘nature versus nurture’. Collective trauma is a major problem in healing experiences from ‘the troubles’ in Northern Ireland. Excitingly, after two years of Covid restrictions, The Trauma Summit ( will be hosted live in ICC Belfast on June 13 & 14. Almost 2000 delegates are expected, along with up to 1000 virtual visitors. All will be able to view the talks and presentations for up to six months afterwards. Clive says that this will be the biggest conference since the very first one in 2018. 40 Speakers will be discussing the latest research findings, approaches and developments in trauma diagnosis and healing. He has a talented team, led by fellow director Karen Hamilton, who work with him to bring his vision forward.