Up Close and Personal - Joan Gillman, former Chief Operating Officer & EVP, Time Warner Cable

FUTURE NOW Media Podcast

Jan 28 2020 • 29 mins

What’s it like to manage 15,000 employees? What does good leadership at that scale look like? Today’s episode features an interview with Joan Gillman, former Chief Operating Officer and President of Time Warner Cable Media, which took place at the 2017 FUTURE NOW Media & Entertainment Conference.  Our interviewer is Melody Hahm, a writer and reporter, who covers entrepreneurship, technology and startups at Yahoo Finance. In their discussion, Joan describes what she looks for when hiring, her experience as a woman working in the telecom industry, how she rose through the ranks to the C-Suite, and what good leadership looks like.  (FUTURE NOW Media & Entertainment Conference, The Sheen Center, NYC, June 1, 2017) --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/future-now/support