Art of Storytelling (2018)

FUTURE NOW Media Podcast

Apr 7 2020 • 33 mins

The art of storytelling is applicable in every area of the media business.  How can understanding story help you advance your career? Today’s episode features a panel discussion on the “Art of Storytelling.” that took place at the 2018 FUTURE NOW Media & Entertainment Conference, and includes: Craig Tello, WWE’s Vice President of Digital & Social Content; Stacie Gray, the former Chief Creative Officer at iN DEMAND; Jonathan Coleman, Executive Vice President, Guy Walks into a Bar; and Kim Gilmore, Senior Historian and Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility, History Channel and A+E Networks.  Moderating the panel is writer, producer and content creator, Rasheeda Winfield. Together, they discuss how storytelling is an integral part of their various disciplines, what effective micro content looks like, and how to tell powerful stories.  (FUTURE NOW Media & Entertainment Conference, The New School, NYC, May 31, 2018) --- Support this podcast: