RELAY - Craig Tello (WWE) & Marie Svet (AccuWeather) - Special Edition (2018)

FUTURE NOW Media Podcast

Jul 14 2020 • 18 mins

Today’s episode features a special edition of RELAY sponsored by iSTANDtv at the 2018 FUTURE NOW Media & Entertainment Conference.  RELAY is a series on iSTANDtv that features conversations between mentors and mentees.  It’s called RELAY, because we’re all in this race together and we all have a baton to pass.  In this episode, you’ll hear Craig Tello, Vice President of Digital and Social Content at the WWE, interviewing his mentor, Marie Svet, the former Global Chief Revenue Officer of AccuWeather. Together, they discuss networking, corporate politics and the importance of mentorship.  (FUTURE NOW Media & Entertainment Conference, The New School, NYC, May 31, 2018) --- Support this podcast: