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The Head & The Heart with Jack Shaw
Aug 6 2021
The Head & The Heart with Jack Shaw
Hi all! Welcome to another edition of The Jason Durden Show. This time around I speak with a man named Jack Shaw. Jack is a member of a band out of Atlanta, GA called The Head. The other members of the band are Jack's twin brother, Mike on vocals, and their longtime friend Jacob Morrell on guitar. Jack plays the drums. I've been a fan of their music for a while now after stumbling across them on Twitter. Jack and I discuss the band and how they formed. Also, you'll hear their latest single, "We Were". Another thing about Jack is that he always handled the booking for the band, securing venues and setting up tours. He saw a need and started a company called Goodmood and he worked with independent bands booking their gigs and tours. The business was going pretty well and then the pandemic hit. Live music was ended. That meant nobody needed booking. Well, Jack didn't let an opportunity go to waste and he transitioned his booking agency into a non-profit, The Goodmood Fund, to help the smaller indie bands that have struggled not only through the pandemic but other life crises. Take a new music and hear how you can help out. As always I thank you for listening! Comments, questions, guest suggestions - 1-877-JDsShow. Follow the show on Twitter @JasonDurdenShow, Like the show on Facebook @TheJasonDurdenShow Theme Music by Heads of People licensed through Soundstripe. Additional music this episode, "We Were", by The Head (Mike Shaw, Jack Shaw, Jacob Morrel) with permission from The Head Music. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: