Transformational Leadership through Core Presence with Insights from Nicholas Janni

From Embers To Excellence™

Jan 27 2023 • 50 mins

Nicholas Janni, Founder/Director Core Presence, is an expert in transformational leadership, presence, peak performance and innovation. He is also the author of “Leader as Healer.” His book serves the reader as a guide to reaching the highest levels of presence and performance. It is a call to break from the chronically imbalanced ways of thinking and functioning that have become the norm in so many corporate cultures - where doing eclipses being, and hyper-rational, analytical thinking relegates feeling, sensing, intuiting and the transpersonal to the outer fringes of life.

His work is focused around what he calls ‘Core Presence' - a deep grounding in our bodies, a conscious and inclusive relationship to our emotions, a rebalancing of left and right brain, and meditative practice. From this, the biggest expansions of consciousness take place, both in an individual and a group, which then allow us to align with the highest evolutionary intelligence.

As a consultant, Janni mentors CEOs and senior leadership teams worldwide on reaching advanced levels of consciousness and effectiveness. He also teaches at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School and the IMD Business School in Switzerland.