Full Show: An uncomfortable conversation about growing the podcast

PK and DK

Mar 3 2022 • 1 hr 9 mins

Laugh with our daily morning show podcast! Guess 'What's That Noise': https://bit.ly/3hsl4hc Subscribe for ad-free listening (plus uncensored option): https://bit.ly/3AVvlta Today: We dive into the history of 'The Playhouse' and have an uncomfortable conversation about growing our podcast. A little about Tony: Tony ran video control and edit for the Playhouse radio show and PHTV. There are a few funny moments plus 'Back in the Day' towards the end, but honestly, Tony's 'real talk' is the true highlight. It offers a unique look into what it's really like trying to grow a podcast. We hope you enjoy.  Games, pictures and videos: www.PKandDK.com