Finding Financial Peace - Episode 3 - Being Money Confident

Finding Financial Peace

Sep 26 2022 • 31 mins

In  Episode 3, having already worked at making your finances as robust as possible in Episode 1, and getting to know your numbers and utilise Money Magic in Episode 2, John and Wendy now discuss being money confident.

Through Wendy's experience, she explains how a lot of people suffer from Financial Phobia meaning the merest mention of money or anything connected to it paralyses them with fear.

This can be exacerbated if the person in question has recently lost a long term partner through death, separation or divorce, where the partner was predominantly the one who dealt with the financial side of things in their relationship. Or, if you've constantly been told from a young age you were useless with money.

How do you move from circumstances like that to being money confident?

As always, Wendy has a few hints and tips to help take you from there to here.

The podcast is easier to understand if you first access some of the free resources made available by Ditch Debt With Dignity enabling you to work along with us as the episode plays.