Step Back and Pay Attention, with Alan Seale - part 2


Feb 29 2020 • 40 mins

"The black and white world is easy… life is a thousand shades of gray!

When we feel fear, anxiety, or an urgent need to act, our natural reaction is often to go straight to the head to figure out what to do. We look for a way to make everything alright, to find a solution, or to find a way out of what is happening. Unfortunately, this approach usually leads to more stress and anxiety rather than effective response." - Alan Seale

In this episode Alan shows us how to use our multiple forms of intelligence we possess, versus being only in the head and intellectualizing everything.

Alan Seale is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker, transformation catalyst, master teacher and mentor to many leaders and coaches, and the founder of the Center for Transformational Presence.

Highlights from this episode

  • The intuitive mind is the larger mind, of which the intellect is just one small part [3:17]
  • Whole-mind thinking and whole-being awareness [5:30]
  • The belly intelligence lives only in the present moment [7:15]
  • How to discern what to pay attention to in the moment [11:50]
  • How do we understand the journey of our lives? [17:00]
  • HOW is a paralyzing question, how to shift away from it? [18:30]
  • Intellect does not go away when we listen to our other forms of intelligence [18:11]
  • Learning to listen with all our senses in life and leadership [31:25]
  • What is intuitive leadership [35:11]

Alan’s work mentioned in this episode


Transformational Presence: How To Make a Difference In a Rapidly Changing World, by Alan Seale

Create a World That Works: Tools for Personal and Global Transformation, by Alan Seale

From Fear to Love, Head to Heart, Start in the Belly


“The intellect lives in the short term, is more focused on problem solving, on what needs to be fixed, what needs to happen right here right now… for short term gain. The intuitive mind is speaking to us, showing us information about a much bigger picture than the intellect alone. It’s not one or the other… we must enter the world of discernment – the wisdom to recognize the better path…what will serve in the bigger picture the most.” [10:01]

“If our leaders would first ask the question ‘What are we learning right now?’ as opposed to pushing against the other side constantly, that already would make a change. If we could listen for ‘what is in services of the space where everyone wins, where everyone gets at least some of what they need’!” [32:10]

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