Inspiring Accountability, with Elaina Noell - part 1


Mar 19 2020 • 38 mins

“The secret to inspiring accountability and engagement starts with asking:

  • What makes us human?
  • What drives us toward or away from tasks?
  • What inspires us to give our best?
  • What motivates us to shut down?
  • What, exactly, determines our happiness and fulfillment at work?

We begin in the brain, where all experience and engagement begins!” – Elaina Noell

Elaina helps organizations design cultures that increase employee engagement, productivity and fulfillment. Her approach focuses on working with human dynamics and neuroscience to positively inspire sustainable results instead of trying to enforce ideals that lead to defensiveness, mutual frustration and disengagement.

She recently published her second book 'Inspiring Accountability in the Workplace'.

Highlights from this episode

  • What is wrong with traditional accountability [5:15]
  • Why so many people are disengaged at work today [7:30]
  • The pressure for people to live their best lives and do work they love has become a reason to be ashamed, when that’s not happening [8:45]
  • Our brain wants more rewards more quickly, but it’s not always practical [9:25]
  • We need serotonin in the workplace and leaders can produce it, it is non-negotiable for humans [16:25]
  • Accountability is crucial in changing a culture [25:26]
  • Proactive versus responsive accountability [25:50]
  • The results model framework last question [31:20]
  • Why we procrastinate [32:04]
  • What leaders do we need in 2020 and beyond [35:27]

Elaina’s website: https://www.inspiringaccountability.com

Elaina's book: Inspiring Accountability in the Workplace: Unlocking the Brain's Secrets to Inspiring Engagement, Accountability and Results


‘What you don’t address you approve” [6:30]

‘We are all just trying to feel like we are contributing meaningfully, like we are good at what we are doing, but it’s not always gonna be every day feeling like ‘wow, I’ve completely lived up to my full potential’…and I think that puts a lot of pressure on the employees and a lot of pressure on leaders [9:10]

‘Surprise recognition is what most spikes the serotonin in employees’ [7:00]

‘Only when an excuse is brought to light can it become part of the solution’ [29:54]

‘Our brain seeks the task that has more actionable clarity because there is more reward associated with it’ [31:52]

Maria’s Website: https://www.onaugh.com