Hacking Dopamine & Simple Ways to Improve Your Brain Health

The Mel Robbins Podcast

Dec 15 2022 • 53 mins

I’ve lived with ADHD, dyslexia, and anxiety for most of my life.

And I’ve spent the last decade immersed in research around how to improve my mental health, but only recently did I realize there was a big missing piece to the puzzle when it came to being happier, more confident, and more present.

That’s taking care of the brain.

Your brain is your problem-solver.

It’s your memory keeper.

It’s a supercomputer.

If the physical health of your brain sucks, it’s like having a beer belly with IBS for a brain.

If you’re really committed to being a happier and healthier person, it's common sense to keep your brain happy and healthy. But…

The science can be complicated and boring.

More serotonin and dopamine would be great… but I zone out when I am looking at all the research.

That’s why I asked one of the leading experts on brain health to be here today. Dr. Daniel Amen has 40 years of experience as a psychiatrist, 12 New York Times bestselling books, and he’s conducted over 200,000 brain scans, all of which back up the simple tactics he’s about to share with you.

Today’s episode is jam-packed with practical information, so you may even want to listen twice. You can make your brain stronger and more resilient. There are specific changes you can make today, including supplements to take, a change to your walking style, a specific breathing technique to reduce anxiety, and more.

Dr. Amen will also share the one powerful question he’s been asking himself every single day that keeps his brain strong.

He also shares a recipe for a delicious mug of “brain healthy hot chocolate.” I’ll drink to that and a little Brain Health 101.

Xo Mel

You will learn:

  • 1:34: The results of my brain scan – and a huge finding that was discovered in my husband’s brain scan
  • 9:37: A simple 101 on the brain
  • 13:14: The 3 most important habits that have the biggest impact on brain health
  • 15:41: The exact thing to say to yourself first thing in the morning to improve your brain
  • 16:57: The specific two vitamins that are most important for the health of your brain
  • 19:38: The difference between serotonin and dopamine and how to achieve balance between the two
  • 25:08: How to tell if you have low dopamine & how to increase it
  • 28:55: Why strength training is so important for your overall health
  • 30:21: What cortisol is, why it matters, and how to reduce it
  • 32:03: The one specific breathing exercise that Dr. Amen recommends for an anxious mind
  • 36:06: How to calm a busy brain
  • 39:22: The 3 most important words for mental training
  • 41:27: What to do if you feel chronically tired
  • 43:30: The 5 most important foods for brain health
  • 44:21: How to make brain-healthy hot chocolate
  • 47:06: What a psychiatrist of 40 years would never do because it’s bad for your brain