7 Essential Principles of Business Social Etiquette for Executives and Entrepreneurs

The Leader and The Muse: Inspired Personal Branding

Oct 25 2013 • 59 mins

We are now in an “Era of Behavior” where our behavior is our greatest source of competitive advantage. In order to stand out, leaders have to exemplify the epitome of civility and business etiquette. Join host, Rasheryl McCreary, and her guest, Lena Koropey, Founder of Gramercy Protocol, as they discuss the 7 essential business social etiquette skills leaders and entrepreneurs need to have in order to succeed. In this episode, you’ll learn why civility in the workplace is so important, how your digital devices might be hurting your brand, the importance of active listening, how a smile can elevate your image, and more. Listen to The Leader and The Muse on Friday at 12noon PACIFIC to learn how to navigate the world of business social etiquette.